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Individuals and Families


A Promise For Parents provides individual and family counseling from a strengths based perspective that assumes all individual family members have purpose and strengths they bring to the family unit. To identify the strengths and individualized needs of families and their members, we conduct various interviews, assessments and inventories.  Outcomes and recommendations from these inventories and assessments are then incorporated into Individual and Family Treatment Planning developed in conjunction with family members and their therapist.


Family Counseling

Child & Adolescent Counseling

Couples Counseling

Parent Coaching

A Promise For Parents Individually assigns a Parenting Coach for parents to meet with once per week preferably in the home environment. When the home environment is not an option our state of the art media facility and therapeutic playroom are designed specifically to provide parents positive direction and feedback during and following interactions with children.  The two way mirror, headsets, and videotaping capability allow parents the intensity of feedback they desire or require during and following visits.  Made for the sole purpose of identifying strengths and needs in parenting skills, video recordings are only viewed for the purpose of providing concrete feedback to parents.

Parenting Classes

A Promise For Parents is focused on the safety and care of children, classes are provided once per week in small group settings

    • Attachment and Bonding           

    • Nutrition  

    • Age Appropriate Discipline        

    • Choosing a Childcare Provider

    • Safety Concerns

    • Healthy Hygiene of Self and Child           

    • What to do When a Child is ill    

    • School Involvement      

    • Support for the Adult 

    • Healthy Sexuality and Relationships

    • Shared Parenting

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