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Pregnant and Parenting Teens Program
The Pregnant and Parenting Teens Program are supportive services for youth who find themselves becoming parents themselves.  This program acknowledges the importance of providing the care, safety, nurturance and healthy development of children along with the growing life skills needs of pregnant and parenting youth.  Youth who are pregnant and parenting have many difficult and exciting life decisions to make.  The Pregnant and Parenting Teen program offers an opportunity to support and encourage youth throughout those difficult and exciting times, while teaching and developing safe parenting practices.

Services Provided Include
Parent Options Counseling
Health Care Management
Parent Education and Training
Family Planning
Paternity Outreach
Support for Subsitute Caregivers
Advocacy and Linkages to Community

Resources and Information 
Daily Living Skills
Relationship and Communication
Money Management
Parent Training
Children's Ages and Stages of Development
Funding for Safety Equipment


Life Skills Program

PowerWithPeers is a comprehensive Life Skills Program designed to provide youth between the ages of 14-21 an experiential opportunity to develop and learn new skills as they transition into adulthood. The program encourages individuals to establish future goals that inspire and stimulate personal growth and self-worth. The focus of the program is on skill development in areas of career and education planning, managing work and study, identification and development of daily living needs, relationship and communication skills, self-care, and money management.

The Goal

PowerWithPeers empowers and enriches the lives of young adults by providing opportunities for expanding their knowledge base, learn lifestyle management skills, and apply what is learned to real life opportunities, thus assisting youth in transitioning securely into healthy productive young adult lives.

PowerWithPeers utilizes the Casey Life Skills Assessment and experiential opportunities to determine the specific needs of each youth who participats in the program. Participants receive instruction relative to their preparation needs.

  • Post Secondary Training and Education
  • Completing employment applications and building resumes
  • Understanding financial budgeting
  • Housing
  • Counseling
  • Transitioning skills for self-sufficient adulthood

Community Based

PowerWithPeers Life Skills Program provides experiential opportunities for young adults to replicate their knowledge in the use of computers. In addition, the youth will have the opportunity to develop “in the moment” internet-based awareness to gain access to various resources in their communities.


PowerWithPeers provides life skills opportunities to youth within their community. By delivering services through peer group participation, youth build life skills, and develop opportunities to grow healthy support systems. In rural communities PowerWithPeers will continue to provide opportunities within the community settting through one-on-one mentoring and teaching just-in-time moments.


PowerWithPeers life skills program has been designed in conjunction with the Casey Family Program to support youth as they advance to their full potential and progress into their lives as young adults. Life skills services are designed to promote self sufficiency and permanency by mainting, strengthening, and safeguarding the functioning of families to encourage the:

  • Facilitation of Youth Development
  • Ensure the safety and well-being of youth
  • Career Education Planning


“With a safe place to grow and opportunities to learn important Life Skills, they can all be ready and set to fly when the time comes to leave the nest.”


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